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Bipolar Disorder Group Therapy

The London Psychiatry Centre / Bipolar Disorder Group Therapy
Barcelona Education Group Therapy for Bipolar Disorder Patients
Start Date: 11 January 2012
21 Weekly Group Sessions
Cost: £110 per person per session

Starting from 11th January 2012, The London Psychiatry Centre is exclusively offering every Wednesday, a unique 21 session group therapy for patients diagnosed with bipolar disorder who are stable.

The sessions offer a group experience of a shared understanding of the symptoms and the treatment of the condition, thereby allowing patients to build on their own progress in a safe and inspiring environment. The groups provide an opportunity for patients to identify with each other and provide mutual support which may contribute to building wellbeing and self-esteem.

There are also a number of sessions dedicated to spotting early warning signs of bipolar disorder episodes which may previously be familiar to participants, but only with hindsight.

Stress management, a key skill for preventing depressive, hypomanic, mixed and manic episodes, will be on offer together with strategies for staying on track and getting the most out of life.

An explanation of medication as well as non-medication based interventions (aimed at treating the condition) and the identification of harmful influences on the illness will also be included.

The great advantage of these groups is that they give a unique level of support and understanding, helping participants to lead a fully productive life. Relationships with family and friends may significantly improve and dividends often because apparent in patients’ professional lives as the ability to manage the condition lessens conflict and misunderstandings.

The benefits of group therapy have been well documented and completion of the 21 session Barcelona Education Groups has been found to cut in half bipolar disorder episode relapse rates for up to five years. This is the only psychological intervention shown to have that effect.

The Groups are facilitated by a Psychiatrist and a Psychotherapist / Psychologist. Both are highly skilled in creating a safe and nurturing space where real progress can be made.