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Soraya El-Khazen

The London Psychiatry Centre / Soraya El-Khazen
Soraya El-Khazen

BSc(Hons), MSc, ANutr

She originally studied for a BSc in Human Nutrition at Southampton University and became an Associate of the Nutrition Society in 2005, becoming fully registered in 2011. Whilst taking her degree Soraya co-wrote a paper highlighting the link between high cholesterol levels and inflammatory disease which have been shown to lead to heart problems and diabetes in male patients. The paper was subsequently published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. She then went on to take a Masters degree in Public Health Nutrition at London Metropolitan University, and doing her course, carried out extensive research how food labels could better be improved to help the public make more informed decisions.

Soraya helps clients who have all sorts of health issues and wish to re-evaluate their nutritional requirements in order to prevent or tackle a range of health issues. She’s worked with patients battling Poly Cystic Ovary syndrome and Chronic Arthritis, and also works with athletes wishing to enhance their performance.

She’s become a specialist in weight loss and eating patterns and her holistic weight-loss programmes have received positive feedback from the media, governmental and scientific organisations.

Soraya has presented her work to various medical organisations, including the World Health Organisation and COPORE in 2010. A sensitive and pragmatic practitioner, she firmly believes in taking a “whole-body approach” to improving the diet, which should have a positive impact on patients’ mental and physical health.

Languages: English