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“I cannot thank The London Psychiatry Centre and the rTMS Team enough. The process was painless, relaxing and 100% effective. From being completely unable to function, I was back to full time work and living life again within 4-5 weeks.

I enjoy life again and get out of bed every morning with a spring in my step!”

Ashley from Kent

“After a prolonged and very traumatic commercial legal dispute, I was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) by my GP who referred me to Dr Zamar for EMDR treatment, prior to litigation.

Dr Zamar was extremely helpful in clearly describing the treatment, its underlying protocols and its effectiveness- relying on clear facts and data from approved studies.

The EMDR process requires very little intervention from the patient, apart from the ability to focus on the trauma in question for an hour, with Dr Zamar’s guidance and the use of two small pulsation devices – one held in each hand during the session.

My anxiety levels were extremely high at the beginning of the first treatment and after one hour had reduced significantly. I was very surprised at the impact one session had made and continued to make even more improvement after the second. I am now planning a third treatment, which will probably be the final session.

The compelling aspect of this treatment is the fact that significant and entrenched traumas can be treated rapidly and effectively- and as such is very cost effective for individuals who have busy schedules or budgets to work to, if funding privately. As a commercial director I can also see the benefits of this treatment in large corporates or government bodies where rapid rehabilitation is beneficial to both the employer and employee.

Dr Zamar’s approach to the sessions has been extremely professional, informative and supportive. I would strongly recommend anyone who is suffering from PTSD to consider this approach. It will free you from the impediments PTSD brings and enrich your life within days.”

Joanna from London