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The London Psychiatry Centre in The Independent, The Telegraph, and The Huffington Post

The Independent – National Stress Awareness Day: Is the fear of social failure making us more anxious than ever?
On social media sites we often display our level of success in life – editing the sad bits out. We’re keeping up with the Joneses on a global scale. Dr Rafael Euba explains to The Independent the psychological price tag.

The Huffington Post – The darker side of success
The concept of success. What is it? What effect does it have on our mental health? Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Rafael Euba, asks – should there such a thing as ‘success’?

The Mail on Sunday – A new way to tackle depression, plus check your drink
Dr Rafael Euba explains how cutting-edge treatment, Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS), can help those living with treatment resistant clinical depression.

BALANCE – Managing depression in the workplace
Dr Rafael Euba talks to BALANCE about the pressure to do well at work and ‘succeed at life’ – and the significant toll it takes on our minds.

CITY A.M. – Important jobs, big bonuses and beating your colleagues: City workers are suffering from “status anxiety” but won’t talk about it
People working in the City are suffering from increasing levels of anxiety because of a pressure to appear successful and mentally resilient, according to The London Psychiatry Centre consultant psychiatrist, Dr Rafael Euba.

Red – Depression at work
Work pressure can make depression feel even more impossible. But What can you do if you’re not coping? The London Psychiatry Centre’s Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Rafael Euba, explains.