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Dr Abbi Lulsegged

Dr Abbi Lulsegged Consultant Physician, Endocrinology & Diabetes Dr Abbi Lulsegged is an experienced Endocrinologist and Consultant Physician working with patients of The London Psychiatry Centre. He specialises in unexplained medical conditions, obesity, fatigue, and reversal of Type 2 diabetes and has extensive experience treating all manner of endocrine conditions including thyroid disease, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), osteoporosis, male and female sex hormone dysfunction, adrenal diseases, potassium and magnesium levels (electrolyte imbalance) and pituitary disease. He has...

Dr Robin Roberts

Dr Robin Roberts MBBS, FRCP Consultant Cardiologist Dr Robin Roberts qualified from Westminster Medical School, University of London in 1982 and completed his post graduate training in Cardiology at Guy’s Hospital, The London Chest Hospital and the National Heart & Lung Institute where he was a British Heart Foundation Research Fellow. He was appointed Consultant Cardiologist to Queen Mary’s Hospital, Roehampton and the Royal Brompton Hospital in 1997. He also had in-patient beds at Kingston Hospital where Queen Mary’s...

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