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PR Newswire has released our press release about our most recent paper.
A world’s first model for mood disorders involving precision medicine and mitochondrial treatment with High Dose Levothyroxine and rTMS (patented), was published by The London Psychiatry Centre.

The London Psychiatry Centre presents at the 21st WPA World Congress of Psychiatry.
Our founder and medical director, Dr Andy Zamar, and Dr Abbi Lulsegged, Consultant Physician in endocrinology, were invited to speak at the prestigious 21st WPA World Congress of Psychiatry (18-21st October 2021). They discussed bipolar disorder treatment using thyroid hormones and rTMS. They were also joined by Dr Theodoros Koutsomitros who led a talk on “Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS): a new era of mental health therapies”.

Chronicle Live covers precision medicine for bipolar sufferers.
This article discusses the breakthrough treatment of rTMS and precision medicine for bipolar disorder.

We comment on male anxiety in The Mirror.
Dr Rafael Euba discusses performance pressure in middle-aged men and its impact on mental health and anxiety.

The Independent quotes Dr Rafael Euba on the anxiety that comes with social pressure.
For National Stress Awareness Day, we discuss how social media and societal pressures are taking a psychological toll on the population.

Success and its impact on mental health on the Huffington Post.
Success may be something we all strive for, but it can heavily impact mental health if approached in the wrong way. We discuss the concept of success in this article.

rTMS as an alternative to antidepressants, featuring on Mail Online.
We explain how cutting-edge treatment, Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS), can help those living with treatment resistant clinical depression.

Depression in a work environment -– how can it be managed? We discuss with Balance.
Dr Rafael Euba talks to BALANCE about the pressure to do well at work and ‘succeed at life’ – and the significant toll it takes on our minds.

The combination of work pressures and depression in Red.
Depression and work stress have their own negative impacts on mental health; however, a combination of the two can make daily life particularly tough. We explore ways to cope with depression at work and the treatment options available.

Smartphone use and an increase in loneliness in The Independent.
We speak to The Independent and explain how whilst the use of technology like smartphones can connect people digitally, in reality, it can lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation.

How medications really work to help those with anxiety in The Metro.
Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Balu Pitchiah clears up misconceptions about medication and explains how anti-anxiety drugs like benzodiazepines and SSRIs actually work.

Six signs of childhood depression to watch out for in The Sun.
Dr Su Sukumaran explains how negative talk, lack of self-esteem and withdrawal from social activities can be signs that your child is suffering with depression.

We explain the ins and outs of postnatal depression on Sheerluxe.
Postnatal depression (PND) is a common condition that affects many new mothers; Dr Rafael Euba gives advice on symptoms and the PND differentiates from ‘baby blues’.

Diagnosing depression and when to seek professional help in The Independent.
In light of the release of a new online quiz for ‘self-diagnosing’ depression, we spoke with Olivia Petter at The Independent about how to know when it’s time to seek professional help for the mental health condition.

The mental symptoms of depression to look out for in Pop Sugar.
While there are several physical symptoms of depression that shouldn’t be ignored, the mental symptoms are just as important. We explain what to look out for.

The benefits of taking time out for yourself at Christmas time, in Elle Magazine.
Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Irina Panihhidina, speaks to ELLE magazine about the importance of looking after yourself at Christmas and how managing relationships with family members can have an emotional and mental impact on your health.

PTSD and the psychological effects of cancer, on NetDoctor.
After research found that symptoms of PTSD had been found in 80% of women following a breast cancer diagnosis, Dr Andy Zamar spoke with NetDoctor about the link between PTSD and cancer – even after the all-clear.

Days off due to sickness have reduced, but mental health sick days are on the rise. Read more on City A.M..
Dr Rafael Euba discusses the concept of status anxiety and its links with the need to demonstrate resilience in the presence of colleagues.

Male depression and why under-reporting is so common, on Dad.info.
Dr Rafael Euba states that men are more likely to take their own lives, and warns of the stigma surrounding men and depression. This article includes signs to look out for regarding depression in men.

The prevalence of status anxiety in City employees, in City A.M..
London workers, especially those in finance, are more likely to experience a mental health phenomenon called ‘status anxiety’. Dr Rafael Euba explains why this anxiety exists and what must change.

Alternative to medication for depression, including rTMS, on the Mail Online.
This article delves into several alternatives to depression medication, including Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS), an innovative drug-free treatment.

rTMS – discover how magnetic pulses can improve depression, in Mail Online.
One of our patients is featured in the Mail Online talking about her experience of overcoming depression with rTMS at The London Psychiatry Centre.

PR Newswire talks about the incredible results of rTMS.
Dr Rafael Euba speaks to PR Newswire about the life-changing results repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) has brought to patients of the centre.

We talk about drug-free depression treatment with Fox News.
There has been a shift towards drug-free treatment for depression, with patients looking for alternatives to antidepressants. We speak to Fox News about new depression treatment, rTMS.

The Telegraph reports on the benefits of rTMS for stroke patients.
We speak to The Telegraph after exciting research from the University of Pennsylvania suggests rTMS could help stroke patients with their speech.

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