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Why Choose Us?

We understand just how much bipolar disorder can impact your quality of life. We are committed to helping you recover and get your life back on track.

Our Results Speak For Themselves…

Simply put, our programme gets better results than traditional treatment. In fact, our patients frequently describe the results as ‘life changing’. Below you will find a brief overview of the differences between traditional treatment for bipolar and The London Psychiatry Centre’s treatment programme.

Traditional treatment vs. Our treatment programme
41.8% recovery rate in bipolar type I and II only.

No remission in rapid cycling (Besag et al, Calabrese et al).

No remission in subthreshold bipolar (Gariga et al), the most common form of bipolar disorder, and subthreshold symptoms in bipolar type I and II (treatment-resistant bipolar disorder).

96.4% recovery rate in treatment-resistant bipolar disorder I, II, subthreshold, rapid cycling, and depression with agitation and racing thoughts (whether it alternates or not with periods of flat depression with lethargy).
80% of bipolar patients take on average 3.8 drugs 1.8 drugs needed on average

58% of patients only need 1 drug

One size fits all Precision medicine personalised to you
Drugs usually not well tolerated Drugs well tolerated for years
Side effects that severely impact quality of life Minimal, if any, side effects with substantial improvement in quality of life

Read more detailed information about our treatment programme results here. We also explain the difference between traditional treatment and our programme in detail.

We encourage you to browse the different pages we have in our bipolar clinic area to fully understand the research behind this treatment programme.

Patients treated at The London Psychiatry Centre, using a combination of precision medicine, rTMS and appropriate high-dose thyroid hormones, have recovered after years of unsuccessful treatment with traditional treatment.

The Evidence

Details of how treatment works have been published in Frontiers. Our peer-reviewed paper “A New Treatment Protocol of Combined High-Dose Levothyroxine and Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for the Treatment of Rapid-Cycling Bipolar Spectrum Disorders: A Cohort Evaluation of 55 Patients” is the first ever published study showing full recovery of severe mixed and depressive symptoms in all forms of bipolar disorders most importantly subthreshold symptoms, the most common presentation of bipolar disorders which fails to respond to quetiapine and mood stabilisers.

We explain the evidence in more detail here.

rTMS At The London Psychiatry Centre

When it comes to the rTMS side of our treatment programme, we are proud to say that we have an exceptionally experienced team.

  • Our clinic has been providing rTMS treatment since 2012, at least 4 years earlier than any other clinics in the UK
  • Our remission rates are exceptional. Find more about our rTMS recovery rates and compare them to other clinic remission rates
  • We are currently the only UK private clinic to publish its rTMS results in open access peer-reviewed journals
  • We are currently the only clinic to have advised The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) on rTMS

What About Other Clinics?

To put it plainly, we are the only clinic in the world offering this unique evidence-based treatment for bipolar disorders. Our treatment programme is patented which means that no other clinic can replicate it. If you want the best, long-term results, you’re in the right place.

Our Team

The team behind our treatment programme is led by Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Andy Zamar, Consultant Endocrinologist, Dr Abbi Lulsegged, and Consultant Cardiologist, Dr Robin Roberts from The London Psychiatry Centre. Our centre is known for its pioneering work in psychiatry and has introduced new technologies to the UK and Europe including rTMS and eTNS. We are also the first in the world to successfully apply precision medicine in psychiatry.

If you would like more information about our bipolar disorder treatment programme or would like to speak to a member of our team about booking a consultation, call us on 020 7580 4224.

The London Psychiatry Centre subscribes to the ISCAS Code.

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