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Our Treatment Programme

Our Treatment Programme

We understand just how severely bipolar spectrum disorder and other mood disorders can impact your life. We can help you get your life back with our much sought-after patented treatment programme.

What Is Our Treatment Programme?

Developed by Dr Andy Zamar, our treatment programme combines precision medicine-guided High-Dose Levothyroxine (HDL) and mitochondrial treatment with repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS). Our patients frequently describe the results as ‘life changing’. Patients report a substantial improvement in quality of life, with 96.4% of patients experiencing full remission for a period of 2 years (not because they relapsed after 2 years but because the observation period ended). We explain the difference between our treatment programme and traditional treatment here.

The London Psychiatry Centre has been the first to successfully apply the precision medicine technique to mental health – specifically bipolar disorder type II and subthreshold bipolar disorder, as well as subthreshold symptoms in bipolar disorder type I and II – particularly in those patients who have four or more mood changes in a year (rapid cycling).

Dr Zamar has lectured for the World Psychiatric Association twice on the subject and has published work in many respected journals, including Frontiers and The Journal of Clinical Medicine.

Why choose us?

What Makes Our Treatment Programme Unique?

Simply put, our programme gets better results than traditional treatment.

With traditional treatment, research shows there is:

With our programme there is:

  • 96.4% recovery rate in a study including all three types of bipolar disorder (treatment-resistant bipolar disorder I, II, subthreshold, rapid cycling, and depression with agitation and racing thoughts whether it alternates or not with periods of flat depression with lethargy)
  • It is currently the only effective evidence-based treatment for subthreshold bipolar disorder with remission (full recovery).

Not only is our treatment programme patented and exclusive to The London Psychiatry Centre, it is supported by peer-reviewed research papers in medical journals (Frontiers, The Journal of Clinical Medicine, International Journal of Psychiatry Research).

Treatment for bipolar disorder with minimal side effects – this is life-changing news for sufferers.

Our most recent published evidence-based paper shows that with our treatment programme:


of patients had full remission for an average of 2 years, not because they relapsed after 2 years but because the observation period ended


The average number of drugs patients need with our treatment programme. Compared to 80% needing 3.8 drugs with traditional treatment


Of patients only needed 1 drug. Compared to 80% needing 3.8 drugs with traditional treatment


Patients experienced a massive reduction in disability rating*. Their level of disability reduced, on average, from 7.4/10 to 1.29/10


of patients had a disability rating* of 0/10 after treatment

*The Sheehan Disability Scale (SDS) disability rating is used to determine how serious symptoms and/or side effects are and how much they impact your life.

  • Patients recovered after years of unsuccessful treatment with traditional methods.
  • Treatment is generally well tolerated with few, if any, side effects.
  • Drugs that are prescribed as part of the treatment programme are well tolerated for many years, giving a long term solution.
  • Bipolar disorder brings with it a high depression burden, an early death by 10 years from heart disease in 4/10, and a suicide rate of 18%. We will diligently look for and exclude/treat the most common causes of mortality such as cardiovascular problems in mood disorders.

Am I suitable for the treatment programme?

What To Expect With The Treatment Programme

We have provided a breakdown of what you can expect if you choose to proceed with our treatment programme.

With this ground-breaking treatment programme, patients are getting their lives back. If you would like more information about our bipolar disorder treatment programme or would like to speak to a member of our team about booking a consultation, call us on 020 7580 4224.

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