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How To Make Yourself Happier

How to make yourself happier in under a minute. It may sound too good to be true, but research has shown that there are a number of strategies you can implement that can increase your happiness. Busy lifestyles, stressful jobs, the pressures of modern day life – there’s a lot that demands focus in our lives. Why not take a moment to focus on yourself and boost your mood?...

Postnatal Depression: Everything You Need To Know

Postnatal Depression: Everything You Need To Know

If you’ve been feeling low for a prolonged period of time after the birth of your baby, you could have postnatal depression. This is a type of depression that, not only mothers but fathers and partners can experience too. Unfortunately, postnatal depression often goes unreported and many suffer in silence. To raise awareness of the illness and the help that’s available, we sat down with one of our Consultant Psychiatrists, Dr Rafael Euba, to ask him some of the most common questions about postnatal depression. ...

Sleep And Mental Health

It’s not unusual to experience the odd night where it’s difficult to fall or stay asleep, but the inability to sleep for an extended period of time is called insomnia. It is thought that around a third of Brits will have insomnia at some point in their lives. Sleep and mental health are closely linked; not getting enough sleep leads to fatigue and reduced quality of life which in turn can have an influence on your mental wellbeing. If you already suffer with anxiety or depression, sleep deprivation can prove particularly difficult....

Anxiety: How To Manage Anxiety At Christmas

Anxiety: How To Manage Anxiety At Christmas

If you’re one of the 8.2 million people in the UK who suffers from depression and anxiety each year you’ll know coping with anxiety at Christmas can be exhausting. Knowing how to manage anxiety at Christmas can help to reduce stress and make you feel more able to cope. Here, Dr Panihhidina outlines ways to cope with anxiety this Christmas....

7 Ways To Improve Your Mental Health

7 Ways To Improve Your Mental Health

Ever wondered how to improve your mental health? We are living in a world where 2 in 3 people experience a mental health problem in their lifetime. Mental and substance use disorders are the leading cause of disability worldwide, and approximately 800,000 people die by suicide every year. So finding ways to improve your mental wellbeing can be incredibly beneficial. ...

7 Surprising Signs Of Stress

7 Surprising Signs Of Stress

Are you taking care of your mental health? Stress can make you feel overwhelmed and burnt out, so it’s important to be able to recognise when you are stressed and take action to manage it. National Stress Awareness Day is in November, and so we have spoken with our Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Rafael Euba, here at The London Psychiatry Centre, to find 7 surprising signs of stress to broaden awareness. What is often brushed off as ‘just part of modern day life’ can actually have quite a serious impact on your mental health....

Suicide: How To Help Prevent Suicide

How To Help Prevent Suicide

More than 800,000 people die by suicide in the world each year. That’s one person every 40 seconds. In the UK alone, one person every 90 minutes dies from suicide. And for every one suicide, 25 other people make an attempt. Organised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP), World Suicide Prevention Day aims to raise awareness of the risks of suicide and spread knowledge of what you can do to help prevent suicide. ...

Depression: How To Help Someone With Depression

How To Help Someone With Depression

Are you worried about a friend or relative’s mental health? Do you think they may be showing signs of depression? Here, we a look at how to help someone with depression and how to spot the signs. Mental health can affect not only how we act in social situations, but how we deal with life stresses, relate to others, and the choices that we make. Being mentally well enables us to live our lives to the fullest, feel good about ourselves, make good life choices and have healthy and satisfying relationships with others, so you can see how important it is....

Am I Addicted To Alcohol? Signs Of Alcohol Addiction

Am I Addicted To Alcohol?

‘Fancy a drink after work?’ Go on, just the one… But how often is it three, four – or more? Have you ever stopped and considered: ‘Am I addicted to alcohol?’ In this article we look at the signs of alcohol addiction....

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